The Music of Mike Hoffman



Even more music

Within Me is the first movement from my work
"Self Reference in Three Parts"(also included on the CD
"A Guitar is Like a Woman". This work is for guitar
(I'm using my hand-made Abe Rivera) and MIDI String Orchestra.

Peace of Me
is the 2nd movement from "Self Reference in Three Parts"

Beyond Me is the third movement of
"Self Reference: in Three Parts".

My first string quartet, "Long Shadows into Light",
is a work in three movements, here performed by the Halcyon Quartet.

.....As the Crow Flies is a work for saxophone quartet,
here performed by the Philadelphia Quartet at its
premier in October of 2001.

Written for percussion ensemble, "The Missing Link",
is performed here by the College of New Jersey Percussion Ensemble,
conducted by Bill Trigg. Recorded at its premier, 12/1/01.

Episodic Ruminations is a work for solo piano.
The pianist on this recording is Jeff Marder.

Five Symphonic Variations is a 5 movement work
for full symphony orchestra. These recordings are MIDI
realizations, recorded in the GarageBand program.