The Music of Mike Hoffman



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The Bee's Knees, Pins & Needles, Ghost Dancer, and Blue Shift are from my CD "The Bee's Knees". Psy-Phi, and Takes One to Know One are available on my previous CD "Home Made". 
These CDs were recorded entirely in my home studio, where I composed all the music and play all the instrumental parts.

Rabbit's Foot was composed and recorded in 1997. This quartet
is comprised of myself on guitar, Jeff Marder on piano,
Ron Velosky on bass, and Rob Romeo on drums.

Same quartet as above,
"Sweet Pea Soup"
is my tribute to Billy Strayhorn.

Written in 1988, this recording is from the same year, featuring
myself (on a nylon string guitar), Eric Wagner on keyboard,
Paul Sabatini on bass, Mel Gasman on drums, and Jerry Jacobi
on percussion.

From my solo guitar CD " A Guitar is like a Woman".

Nuages is written by the great
Belgian Gypsy guitarist,
Django Reinhardt.

My guitar arrangement of the great Ellington ballad.

Composed by Charles Mingus, as a tribute to Lester Young.