The Music of Mike Hoffman




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This page is dedicated to music for jazz orchestra...

Double Helix is the first part of a suite for jazz orchestra entitled
"3 Jazz Spirals", performed here by the Brooklyn Jazz Composers Orchestra,
wiith Jeff Lederer is the tenor sax soloist.
I'm conducting all the large ensemble pieces on this page.

Smoke and Mirrors is part two of "3 Jazz Spirals".
Jeff Lerderer is the clarinet soloist. Jason Forsythe
handles the trombone duties.

Take the Time is part three of "3 Jazz Spirals".
Dave Bindman is the tenor soloist,
while George Petropolis is the trumpet soloist. 

Bird Brain again features the Brooklyn Jazz
Composers Orchestra. The alto soloist is Pete Yellin,
I'm conducting (and playing guitar!).

Here's a live recording of the BMI/New York jazz orchestra
performing at Merkin Concert Hall in NYC. Seconds Out features
Tom Christianson on tenor sax, yours truly, again, conducting. 

A Crazy Time is a jazz mambo, performed here by the
BMI/New York jazz orchestra during a rehearsal. 
I'm conducting, Mark Patterson is the trombone soloist,
the drummer is Terry Clarke.