The Music of Mike Hoffman



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Jazz Lead Sheets!
Contemporary Concert Music in Full Score!

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Full score of the first movement from 5 Symphonic Variations.

Sym_var_1.pdf  [553.12K]

Full score of the second movement from 5 Symphonic Variations.

sym_var_2.pdf  [389.03K]

Full score of a Duet for Violin and Cello.

Jazz duet for guitar and piano.

Scores for sale!
...As if Real $7.00
An original work for Solo Cello.
Rabbit’s Foot $1.50
Jazz Lead Sheet
Bird Brain $2.00
jazz lead sheet
Sweet Pea Soup $1.50
Jazz Lead Sheet
Crossing the Delaware $.75
Jazz Lead Sheet
The Other Shoe $1.50
Jazz Lead Sheet
Tricky Corner $2.00
Jazz Lead Sheet
...As the Crow Flies $12.00
Full score for Saxophone Quartet
A Bone Alone $5.00
music for solo trombone
An Ancient Echo $8.00
Percussion Duo for marimba and timpani (3).
Tangled Streams $15.00
Music for Woodwind Quintet.
A Walk in the Park $12.00
Music for Brass Quintet.
Refractions $12.00
Music for mixed quartet: flute, clarinet, trumpet and piano.
The Missing Link $18.00
Music for percussion ensemble (7-8 players).
Eclipse Incognito $.75
Jazz lead sheet
Episodic Ruminations $7.00
Work for Solo Piano